Wearable devices are now entering into our everyday life making itself a mark as an additional channel for interaction between humans and the world. The blog which I am going to share may already be present in the market in bits and pieces or as a whole. I thought let me share this concept which could lead a new business channel in the Healthcare, Retail, Consumer Goods, Social and Media industry. This could be applied in other industries too where the industry experts could feel the change in the way business could be done to enhance revenue/mindshare.

In Brief:

The concept is to enable/create a group of people and interconnect between them via wearable devices. The interconnection could be via a domain server hosted by companies who collects and tracks individual wearable devices. Companies could invite these interconnected people to participate in a competition which will primarily be targeted towards health fitness.

Eg: A person who walks 10,000 steps in a day (specified timeline)/burn certain calories will walk away with a gift coupon worth XXX USD. The gift coupon could be redeemed via online/kiosks/in stores. People could accumulate gift coupons and purchase at later point of time.  Competition could also be based on the common measurable features in wearable devices which are focused on healthcare.

The intention of this business model/concept is two folds.

1. Marketing the brand:  Increasing the brand awareness of the company/product/social cause etc. Cost of the channel is quite cheaper compared to other expensive channels.

2. Will keep customers fit and healthy: Customers will tend to participate in such competitions and keep their body fit and fine and also win some goodies.

Win-Win situation for both companies and people

Technology infrastructure:

As a pre cursor to the channel, companies could launch a portal to invite people to identify their wearable devices and assign a unique identification. The unique identification is to track the individual which will enable to measure their performance in the competition.

Competition: An invitation of the competition could be pushed to people via portal/wearable device/email/Mobile text to participate in the event. Competition is tracked by the server of all the individuals and the top 5 winners are declared at the end of the competition. Gift Coupons could be shared via wearable devices/mobile/email for redemption.

Keep Challenging: Information of top 5 customers could be pushed to all the participants/people at a specific interval to keep challenging between themselves so that the competition gets them going. People who are not participating will be motivated to participate to keep their body fit. Also keep an eye on their peers/friends fitness which could create an internal competition among themselves.

Suggestions/Feedback are always welcome. I can be reached on rprasad1612@gmail.com


The new passport service at Lalbagh PSK Center (Passport Seva Kendra)at Bangalore introduced recently is of top class. I visited the center for reissue of my passport. I was simply amazed by the service quality and the way things moved. For a second i was wondering that “am in a government office”?

I had an appointment at 12.30 PM and reached by 12 noon. I came out of the office by 3.00 PM (Ofcourse with a 30 min Lunch break for the employees) with all the formalities completed. Very pleasing was that my application was changed to TATKAL from NORMAL with few minor checks at their system.

Keep up the good work and i am sure this is the first step of automation in the government industry and this can be a role model for any service based in the government sector.

BTW, I am told that the passport will reach in 3 -4 working days, keeping my fingers crossed